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A puzzle world where digits and numbers rule as opposed to letters and words.

The puzzles are of the type seen in The Listener Crossword and The Magpie.

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CQ4 Clarification


It has been pointed out that the preamble instruction in Whodunnit? by Moog is imprecise. The statement 'Factors and multiples are non-trivial' does NOT apply to 16ac.


The clue for 16ac should read


'The population of the village which has 20 factors including 1 and itself'


Apologies for this oversight and the frustration that it has caused. We hope it hasn't detracted from your enjoyment of the puzzle.


It should be noted that in Pandigital Products by Oyler the clues for 13dn and 18dn should read

13dn it has 6 factors including 1 and itself.

18dn it has 10 factors including 1 and itself. 

The launch issue is free and is still available to anyone interested.  

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Issue 3. Correction

In Number by Oyler 13ac should read NUN + ME + N


Update 28/9/17

Issue 4 was emailed to all subscribers on 28/9/17.


If you have a puzzle that you wish to have considered for publication then please send it to either Oyler or Zag at our respective email addresses. We require a file that contains the puzzle and a separate file that contains the solution along with a possible solution pathway. We will pay £25 for each puzzle published.

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