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Crossnumbers Quarterly
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Corrections & Clarifications


Since the publication of the book a few minor corrections have been brought to our attention as well as some areas where clarification might help.


Page 9: in the penultimate line of the main paragraph the reference should be to 3ac rather than 2ac.


Page 28: To clarify, the introduction is better expressed as: The entries all have strictly descending digits, formed if necessary by reordering the digits of the original answer. The reference in 9ac is to the entry at 8ac.


Page 58: In line with usual practice the clues start at the vertex given.


Page 62: Line 2 should refer to ‘surrounding cells’ rather than ‘surrounding squares’.


Page 69: 34 in the fourth line should be 4.


Page 98: the Vanadium grid mistakenly duplicates the Lithium grid rather than the correct Vanadium grid as given on page 88



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